On fieldwork in sunny (!) Belfast.

Hello there! I’m a Carlsberg Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow working within the area of sociophonetics at Aarhus University in Denmark. Here at Aarhus I’m part of the English department, where there’s a small but steadily growing community of phoneticians (see here for more details). I am also an affiliate of the AU Centre for Irish Studies.

My current postdoc (running until the end of 2018) focuses on innovations in Northern Irish English declarative intonation – are traditional rise-plateaux falling out of style in favour of the falls of Standard Southern British English? Or maybe of the new & trendy uptalk rises? Are there in-between tunes? And how do Northern Ireland’s traditional political divide affect tune choice and realisation?

From January 2019 I will be working as a postdoc on a new project with Míša Hejná as the PI, and in collaboration with Gillian Pepper and Daniel Nettle at Newcastle University. This project aims to tease apart a speaker’s biological and social age from their chronological age, come up with ways of quantifying these, and investigate the effects of ageing of various types on a number of laryngeal phenomena. The end goal is exploring some of the effects of social and biological ageing on language change.

In 2016, I completed my PhD at the University of Cambridge, where I was supervised by Bert Vaux and Francis Nolan. My PhD focussed, among other things, on the co-variation of ethnolinguistic, stylistic and intonational phenomena in the English spoken in Sydney, Australia. I am still very interested in linguistic variation in Aboriginal English.

Research interests:

  • Intonation and other aspects of prosody
  • Experimental (socio)phonetics and phonology
  • Language variation and change
  • World Englishes, especially postcolonial varieties