Testing the AU Phon group’s audiometer.

Hello there!
I’m an AUFF Postdoctoral Fellow working within the area of language variation and change at Aarhus University in Denmark. Here at Aarhus I’m part of the English department, where there’s a small but steadily growing community of phoneticians (see here for more details). I am also an affiliate of the AU Centre for Irish Studies

In my current postdoc (2019-2020) I’ll be working with Míša Hejná (the PI) on a project which aims to tease apart a speaker’s biological and social age from their chronological age, suggest ways of quantifying these in linguistic research, and investigate the effects of ageing of various types on a number of laryngeal phenomena. The ultimate end goal is exploring some of the effects of social and biological ageing on language change.

Previously, I’ve worked as a Carlsberg Foundation postdoc at AU on a project detailing intonational innovation in post-referendum Belfast. Here, I took a more sociophonetic angle to variation. This focus followed on from my PhD work (2012-2016) at the University of Cambridge, where I was supervised by Bert Vaux and Francis Nolan. This work detailed the co-variation of intonational, ethnolinguistic and stylistic phenomena in Sydney Englishes.

Research interests:

  • Intonation and other aspects of prosody
  • Experimental phonetics and phonology
  • Language variation and change
  • Sociolinguistics
  • World Englishes, especially postcolonial varieties