Brief CV

MA Phonetics (UCL), Cand.Mag. English Studies (Copenhagen), PhD (Cantab) – for my full CV, see this page.ORCID iD icon

Edited volume

  • Nyvad, Hejná, Højen, Jespersen & Sørensen (2019). A Sound Approach to Language Matters: in honor of Ocke-Schwen Bohn. Aarhus: Aarhus University Press.

Book chapter

  • Hejná & Jespersen (2019). Focus on consonants: prosodic prominence and the fortis-lenis contrast in English dialects. In Nyvad, Hejná, Højen, Jespersen & Sørensen (Eds.) A Sound Approach to Language Matters: in honor of Ocke-Schwen Bohn. Aarhus: Aarhus University Press, 237-270.

Journal articles

  • Hejná, Borkfelt, Eaton, Christensen, Clasen, Fage-Butler, Jespersen, Jacobsen,  Kjeldgaard-Christiansen, Schjoldager, Stephan, Sørensen (2019). Interdisciplinary: To Be or Not to Be? Working Across Disciplinary Boundaries in the Humanities (and Beyond). In Leviathan: Interdisciplinary Journal in English, 5, 1–12.
  • Hejná & Jespersen (2021). The coming of age: teasing apart the chronological, the social, and the biological. Language & Linguistics Compass, 15(1), 1–21. DOI: 10.1111/lnc3.12404.
  •  Jespersen & Hejná (Accepted) Can the subaltern speak Danish? Second language learners of Danish as the linguistic other. To appear in Otherness: Essays and Studies.
  • Jespersen & Hejná (Accepted) Vokalhelvedet: hvor svær er dansk udtale, og hvordan undervises der i udtale for andetsprogstalere? To appear in  Nydanske Sprogstudier/Studies in Modern Danish.
  • (Submitted – Jespersen, Šturm & Hejná) The rise and fall of Danish dialects: A preliminary look at f0 variation in Jutland Danish. Submitted to Nordic Journal of Linguistics.
  • (Submitted – Hejná,  Jespersen & Sencindiver) The sexual rules of ageing: Madonna queering age and voice. Submitted to Gender and Language.
  • (Submitted – Hejná & Jespersen) Ageing well: biological reasons for age grading. Submitted to Linguistics Vanguard.

  • (In preparation): Acoustic, pragmatic and sociolinguistic cues to the distinction between uptalk and other declarative rises. To be submitted to Phonetica.
  • (In preparation): Can intonation index ethnicity? Uptalk in Australian Aboriginal English. To be submitted to Linguistics Vanguard.
  • (In preparation – Jespersen & Hejná) Age as a constructed social category and a biological fact: exploring age effects in Newcastle English. To be submitted to Journal of Sociolinguistics.

Peer-reviewed conference proceedings

Summary of teaching experience

  • Spring 2021: EL2: The History of English. 1st year BA course. University of Aarhus.
  • Spring 2021: English as an International Language, BA minor course at Business Communication (co-taught), University of Aarhus.
  • Spring 2019, 2020, 2021: EL3: Sociolinguistics, 1st year BA course (co-taught), University of Aarhus.
  • Autumn 2018: Disciplinary Perspectives, MA minor course (co-taught), University of Aarhus.
  • Spring 2017: English and Globalisation, 3rd year BA minor course, University of Aarhus.
  • Autumn 2016: Experimental Sociophonetics, MA course, University of Aarhus.
  • Autumn 2016: English phonetics and phonology, 1st year BA course, University of Aarhus.
  • 2014–2016: Phonetics, 2nd/3rd year undergraduate course + lecture,  University of Cambridge.
  • October 2014 and 2015: Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology for MML 2. 1st year undergraduate lecture, University of Cambridge.
  • 2013–2014: Sounds and Words, 1st year undergraduate course, University of Cambridge.
  • 2013–2014: Language, Brain and Society, 1st year undergraduate course, University of Cambridge.
  • Spring 2012: English Grammar and Communication. Sessional teaching assistant, 2nd year BA course, University of Copenhagen
  • Spring 2009: English Phonetics. Sessional teaching assistant, 1st year BA course, University of Copenhagen.