Extract 5

Once you work out the system behind this extract, you should have been able to read it without translation. If you didn’t crack the system, here’s what it says: 

How are you? It’s good to meet you, matey. 

Now look. Do you remember the brown idol? Tintin’s looking for it. Can you help him?

The brown idol? – It’s like I told you. The tribe gave the brown idol to Walker. He was a nice guy. But his fellows took our precious jewel. And if the Arumbayas catch him, they’ll have his garters. No messing!

This is an extract from Hergé’s “The Adventures of Tintin: The Broken Ear” (1975). It is fictional, so not a variety of English, and it doesn’t behave like one: no variety, be it a dialect, pidgin or creole, breaks words up like this (thus violating word boundaries). If you couldn’t read the extract, this might be why – there are no recognisable English words in it!  

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