What’s happening?

  • I’ve recently had my first child, and with the coronavirus crisis 2020 shapes up to be a strange year for me. The main data collection for the Ageing project has been pushed to (hopefully) the autumn, and my maternity leave has barred me from teaching for yet another semester, and so I’m mainly writing.
  • Míša and I will be organising an online conference for phoneticians and phonologists in Denmark in November/December. Our keynotes – and workshop-givers – are Adrian Simpson and Amalia Arvaniti.
  • We are also running our Phonetics & Phonology research group in Aarhus – virtually at this point in time. Check out our website, Sounds of Language and Speech, for our current programme. I may be giving an online workshop on principal components analysis in the autumn, and another one on Bayesian statistics in the Spring of 2021.