What’s happening?

  • 2019 will be very exciting for me as I’ve started on a new project with Míša Hejná as the PI. We’ll be working on the way ageing affects various laryngeal phenomena – and on what exactly counts as ageing.
  • However, I’ll also be taking some time off on my maternity leave. From April and onwards I’ll be mostly out of touch with the phonetic and sociolinguistic communities (I will, however, hopefully have collaborators present some of our work at conferences this year: Míša at UKLVC in London and NWAV in the US; Pavel Šturm at Interspeech in Graz, and Ocke Bohn (?) at ICPhS in Melbourne).
  • Míša and I are running a Phonetics & Phonology research group in Aarhus. Check out our website, Sounds of Language and Speech. We’ll be hosting all sorts of exciting events in 2019, including workshops on effects sizes and postdoc tests, on vowel normalisation, on mapping dialectological data and on forced alignment.